At Ramunto’s Sicilian Pizza, we take great pride in in being the best neighborhood pizzeria by by offering you great food, great service and great value! Celebrating 14 years in Rutland in 2013, Ramunto’s has been voted the #1 Pizza in the Greater Rutland Area since 2005.

What makes us different from other pizzerias is that we start by making our own dough from scratch each and every day. Our sauce is made from the finest vine-ripened tomatoes and our cheese is the best quality 100% whole milk mozzarella.

“Our state-of-the-art ROTO FLEX oven has 4 rotating decks made of Vermont soapstone. The large windowed doors are easily accessible for faster loading and unloading. We cut the wait time in ½. We can make 28 large pizzas all at one time.”

We look forward to seeing you soon! Paul Ross, proprietor Ramunto’s Sicilian Pizza


Are you on top of your game…
do you have your “A” Game with you…everyday…all day long?

At Ramunto’s, owner Paul Ross, makes sure that all of his employees have their “A” Game with them all the time. Before the Official “A” Game T shirt was available when an employee arrived to work having a bad day, without their “A” Game, Paul made sure that the official slap on the back with a hand print of flour was applied. Once the hand print was applied, their day turned around! Now employees know that when they put on their Official “A” Game T Shirt they always have their “A” Game with them. Ramunto’s Official “A” Game T Shirts are available for purchase at Ramunto’s on Strongs Ave. in Rutland. Call today at 802.747.9980 to reserve yours!