What they’re saying about us!

trest1We have a comment box on the counter in our store, these are some of the comments.

“Yummy  Cheesie” J

“Very nice people!”

“It’s great to be greeted at the door…with a smile. Nice to be appreciated as a customer.
Customers are job security.”

“Your pizza is awesome! Especially the CHEESE!”

“This place has my favorite and I mean absolute FAVORITE pizza ever!”

“Keep up the good work!”

test2“Your pizza is fantastic! I’d love to see more veggies (eggplant, artichoke, asparagus)”

“Sir, I’ve tried a lot of pizza, and Ramunto’s is the absolute best! And the staff is awesome. Keep it up!”

“Paul you have the greatest pizza and workers around.”

“I LOVE Ramunto’s pizza!”

“Your pizza is good!”

“Your pizza is delicious!! Great job! And great people to deal with!”

“Just saying…your pizza is the only pizza in Rutland that my NY family likes! It is the best!”

“You guys are a great pizza place!!

“I LOVE your pizza!” J

“You have amazing pizza!!”